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Marco Vega
Founder & Financial Advisor

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Sana Al-Badri Founder & Financial Advisor

Meet your personal
wealth advisors

We believe that money is a powerful tool.

If used wisely it will enable you to achieve your life goals - whether you want to retire early, buy a home, or donate.

We think Millennials should be able to fund their future while protecting the planet.

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Till Behnke


SageWealth has a strong commitment to sustainability and is really easy to use.  

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Hans Jakob Raffauf

CEO, Clue

SageWealth finally brings emotional intelligence to the financial industry.

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One call to receive your financial plan

Gain actionable advice on:

  • 🎯 Your financial goals (travelling, financial independence)
  • 🌿 Sustainable investing with ETFs & more
  • 👵 Retirement plan
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We analyse your
situation and create
a personalised plan

We put your plan
into action with
sustainable investing  

Together we ensure you can finance your life-goals!

We guide you every step of the way

Our advisors are always available to offer you
clarity on your financial decisions

The magic of compound growth





Select the period of investing

5 years
15 years
30 years

*Past performance doesn’t predict future growth. Target returns and estimated profits are only a reasonable estimate.

After 30 years you are expected to have a balance of 11,900 € in your account.
You will have paid 6,166 € in fees and made 25,656 € in profit.

140,900 €

Worse than expected

140,900 €


140,900 €

Better than expected

Ready to snowball your wealth?

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Your investment creates a sustainable future faster

We hate greenwashing - that’s why we use the highest EU sustainability standards possible for ETFs.

We invest in:

Clean energy

Future of food

Disruptive technology

We say no to:



Oil and coal

Investing on your terms

We save you hundreds of hours of research, so that you can start growing your wealth sooner - while making fewer mistakes!

Learn more about our
investment portfolios
The SageWealth Dashboard
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We are partnered with Germany’s largest private investment bank.


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You can deposit or withdraw your money at any time.

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Our fees are always under 1% p.a.
Half the price of most traditional banks.

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Setup automatic monthly deposits in background.

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Investments crafted by experts

Our investment committee analysed 3000+ investment products, and designed sustainable portfolios with strong risk-adjusted returns

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Dr. Marta Ra

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Wealth management

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Felix-A. Boudreault

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Sustainable investing

Marie Louise Seelig

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Fintech expert


“Future you” will thank you

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Not all finance
experts wear suits

92% of our generation don't trust bankers. They don't understand our needs, and their "advisory calls" are mostly just sales calls.

So here we are. An ambitious team of cognitive scientists, investment wizards, and climate advocates with a strong entrepreneurial track record.

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Frequently asked questions

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